"Two healers broaden the realm of energetic nourishment as we each tap into your body's chakra system to begin the healing journey."  - Trish and Joy


Let us help you re-ignite a burned-out spirit, re-program the autopilot you've been running on, unbuckle stored pain that is attached to you, or refocus a checked-out mind. Rooted in science, we at Embracing Stillness provide reiki healings in-person or virtually. Each healing comes with a customized Self-Care plan to support the chakra system. We offer additional support services, virtually or in-person, such as reiki-yoga classes, mindfulness classes, one-on-one coaching and corporate workshops. 

Our mission is to equip you with a variety of tools so you can self-resource.

Why Mindfulness?

You get the reading or healing, you feel awakened. How do you acclimate it in your daily life? Mindfulness and meditation supports the transition so you can meet moments with wisdom instead of with your old reflexes.