Our clients share their thoughts below

"My first Reiki session in 2016 was purely for the benefit of my friend, Trish Maley, who needed to practice her new vocation. I had no expectations and was surprised as the calm I felt during and after the session was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. I would recommend Reiki merely for the stress-relieving benefits! I had heard Reiki was an alternative therapy that could help those with cancer and chronic illness. I used to fit into this category as I had a genetic connective tissue disorder and I had severe, life-threatening food and chemical allergies. After just a couple sessions with Trish I was able to mentally and emotionally access personal insights that allowed me to pursue more in-depth therapeutic treatments. These treatments themselves were challenging and so further Reiki sessions enabled me to work through them. With endless gratitude to Trish Maley and the amazing healing ability of Reiki, I am now unbelievably healed from my allergies!!! I believe with the right Reiki Practitioner the benefits can literally change your life. My whole family has seen Trish Maley for
Reiki sessions and we have seen immediate and long-term relief for various symptoms. Beyond my physical healing I’ve experienced relief of depression and anxiety." 

Carrie B. Wisc.