Feel the power of Twin Healing



Joy is pursuing a masters in public health at Eastern Michigan University and has degrees in Exercise Physiology and health promotion from Purdue University. Joy is passionate about helping parents, kids, and families connect on an energetic and soulful level.  Joy is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher with training from Mindful Schools and Michigan collaborative for mindfulness in education. Joy has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to caregivers, kids and families for almost four years in the school realm and privately. Joy has been practicing mindfulness meditation for the last 7 years. She partakes in weekly meditation training to deepen her meditation practice  Joy has a Master Level Reiki Certification, is an active member of the Ann Arbor Wellness Coalition and currently teaches yoga and mindfulness to the pioneer high school girls soccer team.


Trish is enrolled in a program under western meditation pioneer Jack Kornfield and psychologist Tara Brach to be a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She has also enrolled in several meditation trainings with Buddhist Geeks.  Trish has taught mindfulness in schools, to athletes and to those in the corporate workplace. Trish has been a Reiki practitioner since 2014. She uses Reiki and her knowledge of the chakra system to help others discover the barriers in their life that prevents them from achieving what they desire. She helps clients create a self-care routine that supports self-compassion and self-awareness. She has participated in silent meditation retreats, has her own daily meditation practice and belongs to a sangha.