Private Reiki with Joy or Trish

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It's an energy-based healing system. It's centered on the belief that we are all made up of energy and when that energy becomes blocked, overworked, deficient or stagnant this can cause an imbalance in the body. This imbalance effects everyone differently - fatigue, headaches, depression, etc.

Reiki gently balances the body and is useful in healing.

Joy and Trish are both trained at the Master Reiki Level using the traditional Usui Healing System. They have worked on clients ages 2 weeks through age 82. Trish has volunteered her reiki services at the Cancer Research Center in Northwest Indiana and at Munster Community Hospital for special events. Joy has volunteered her reiki services to help babies who come into this world with drug addiction and those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

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