Pet Reiki

Our virtual twin healing is just as effective on animals as it is on humans. We approach it the same way we would when we work on children - we're flexible. there is no pressure for an animal to be still or sit for long periods of time during a session. 

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It's an energy-based healing system. It's centered on the belief that we are all made up of energy and when that energy becomes blocked, overworked, deficient or stagnant this can cause an imbalance in the body. Animals also experience this.



“I had the pleasure of working with Joy and Trish from Embracing Stillness and we got amazing results. My dogs are my family and I have such peace of mind and they have given that to me through the work that we did together….The power of the Twin Reiki is just spectacular!”  - Karyn Kokeny