Energy Healing 101

Healing is a broad term but ultimately a process. Everyone heals at their own pace. At Embracing Stillness, we view inner healing as cleaning out the bathroom drain or the gutters or that junk drawer - it's not the most desirable thing to clean out and you may have put it off for some time but once it's done you, and everyone around you, benefits from it. Healing puts you on the path of being the best version of yourself.

Energy healing can be intense for some so at Embracing Stillness we offer different levels of healing to meet you where you are at. We also have custom self care prescriptions that are unique to the client's needs primary focusing on chakra support.

What are Chakras?

Everything on earth has a vibration because it's a form of energy. You can imagine how our bodies are full of vibrations and even more so when we feel emotion. On earth we call focused energy centers a vortex; in reference to the body, we call them Chakras. There are seven main ones that we focus on for healing and balancing. A Chakra can be deficient, or underworking, blocked or overworking. To establish energetic balance in the body we unblock, nurture and/or balance Chakras.

What does energy healing have to do with mindfulness?

Acceptance. Being mindful is 100% accepting the present moment as is - not coming from the past or the future. If you are going to be in the present you have let go of the baggage you've been carrying - systems, thoughts, patterns - that are no longer serving you. It's hard to sit in the present if you can't accept who you've become or where you came from.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a holistic vibrational energy based system of healing. Each crystal has its own frequency which makes it an organic way to raise frequency during your healing.

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